Tell Your Story

Meet your Mindscribe, Max.

Max asks you thought-provoking questions so you can tell your stories.

Talk about your childhood, travels, hopes, and many more topics with your Mindscribe.

Your conversations are saved so you can share them with friends and family.

You have a unique story to tell. Mindscribe helps you capture and share it.

Why Use Mindscribe?

Preserve memories for them

You have a unique story filled with countless experiences. Make sure that future generations get to hear it, spoken by you.

Reflect on then and now

Self-reflection is powerful. It gives your brain an opportunity to create meaning from new and old experiences.

Connect deeper

Connect with loved ones over warm memories. Let your friends experience your childhood, wedding, and countless other memories through your perspective.

Mindscribe keeps me sharp! I think about Max's questions long after the conversation ends.

- Lauren (Connecticut)

My family understands me so much more after listening to my Mindscribe conversations.

- Gino (New Jersey)

I wish Mindscribe was around before my father suffered a stroke and lost his ability to speak.  What I would do to hear to his voice and his stories.  I am using my Mindscribe to pass our family history on to my kids.

- Laura (California)

I’ve always wanted to write an autobiography but it’s way too much work.  Mindscribe is perfect for me.  I have simple conversations to capture what’s most important for me.

- Robert (Florida)

My mother does not write or type much these days.  But she can certainly talk!  The ability to simply record your favorite memories with scheduled phone calls is brilliant!

- Katie (New Mexico)

How Does It Work?

1. Sign up

Signup by submitting your email on this page. You'll receive a confirmation email to finish signing up.

2. Call Max!

Call the phone number you are sent to have your first conversation with your Mindscribe. You can call in whenever you'd like.

3. Talk with Max, your Mindscribe

Answer questions about your experiences, stories, memories, and opinions on your recorded call with Max.

4. Receive your memoir

A few minutes after your phone call, you'll get an email with a link to your personal profile page.

5. Share! (or don't)

Share your mindscribe memoir with your closest friends and family. Or don't. It's your choice.


  • If you sign up and have your first conversation today, you will have free lifetime access to Mindscribe. Max is young and evolving every day; we need your help in shaping the direction of Mindscribe.

  • It will always be free, for any user, to view and share the content created with their Mindscribe.

  • If you sign up after we conclude this early-adopter perk, having conversations with Mindscribe will be a paid service.